Tirupur Textile Effluent Management Project, Tirupur


Client: Tirupur Textile Dyeing Industries

TWIC assisted nine Common Effluent Treatment Plants in development of zero discharge solution for the bleaching and dying units in Tirupur. The total effluent treatment capacity of these nine CETPs is 53,000 cum per day, forming the majority of the effluents generated in Tirupur. The cost of this project was Rs. 4200 millions.

The scope of work undertaken by TWIC was preparation of detailed project reports, selection of technology and project specification, design engineering, procurement of contractor, arranging finance for the project and implementation supervision. The components of the ZLD CETP are Pipeline for effluent conveyance, Pre-treatment works, Reverse Osmosis plant, Evaporator plant, and Recovered water distribution system.

TWIC has also developed an alternate technology called “Treated Brine Reuse Technology” which substantially reduces the dependence on evaporator. This has been successfully demonstrated at Arulpuram CETP and is now being implement in the remaining TWIC developed CETPs.


Biological Treatment

Reverse Osmosis System

Untreated & Treated Samples
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