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Tamilnadu Water Investment Company is a pioneering developer of water projects in India. Our expertise ranges from urban water and sewerage systems, desalination, industrial effluent management and recycling.

We help our clients in developing projects from concepts to implementation through a model aimed at reducing life cycle costs within a sustainable delivery framework.

Our goal is to deliver projects for our clients on the ground which promotes conservation of water which improve efficiencies in use and which promote environmental friendly solutions. For all our projects, we examine and implement public private partnership / community participation models which promote sustainable development.

Our role in all these areas would be to provide our clients with end to end solutions through a comprehensive understanding of the problem, selection of appropriate technology solutions, design development, arranging finance, procurement of contractors, supervision of implementation and operation & maintenance.

We can offer

  1. Project Implementation and Consultancy services
  2. We would undertake preparation of Detailed Project Reports, selection and development of technology and project specification, design engineering, procurement of contractor, arrange finance for the project and implementation supervision.

  1. O&M inputs during EPC
  2. We complement with EPC in Industrial water supply / wastewater treatment, urban water supply/ sewerage works, brackish/ seawater desalination, Water, and waste recycling projects for advice on operability, review of design /construction documents, assistance in commissioning works and comprehensive solutions for operations and maintenance.

  1. O&M services
  2. We undertake services as Operator for turnkey Operations & Maintenance in Water Treatment plant, Industrial effluent treatment and recycling plant, Sewage treatment plant, Industrial water supply and distribution system and Waste management system. We have experience in following the areas in any plant:

    • Zero Liquid Discharge Based Effluent Treatment Plants
    • Activated Sludge Process Plants
    • Membrane Bio-Reactor
    • Reverse Osmosis Technology
    • Evaporators


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